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(November 2018) Diese Information kann unvollständig und veraltet sein. Für die letzte API siehe die (engl.) autogenerierte API-Dokumentation.

When the GUI is up, each object in the FreeCAD document has an associated ViewObject, that resides in the FreeCADGui document counterpart. A view object can be retrieved by two ways. Example:

myViewObj = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.myObjectName.ViewObject
myViewObj = FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.myObjectName
print myViewObj.IV
Property.png Annotation

Returns: the annotation node of a ViewObject

Property.png BoundingBox

Returns: the bounding box

Property.png Content

Returns: an XML representation of a ViewObject's properties

Property.png DisplayMode

Returns: the current display mode

Property.png IV

Returns: an Inventor representation of the ViewObject

Property.png Object

Returns: the associated FreeCAD Document Object of this ViewObject

Property.png PropertiesList

Returns: a list of properties of this ViewObject

Property.png RootNode

Returns: the Inventor node of this ViewObject (pivy.coin object)

Property.png Selectable

Returns: True if the object is selectable

Property.png Type

Returns: the type of this ViewObject

Property.png Visibility

Returns: True if the viewObject is visible

Method.png getAllDerivedFrom( )


Returns: all descentences of this object

Method.png getDocumentationOfProperty( )


Returns: the documentation string of the property of this class.

Method.png getGroupOfProperty( )


Returns: the name of the group which the property belongs to in this class. The properties sorted in differnt named groups for convenience.

Method.png getPropertyByName( )


Returns: the value of a named property.

Method.png getTypeOfProperty( )


Returns: the type of a named property. This can be (Hidden,ReadOnly,Output) or any combination.

Method.png hide( )

Description: Hides the object.


Method.png isDerivedFrom(string)

Description: Checks if this object is derived from the given object type

Returns: True if given type is a father

Method.png isVisible( )

Description: Checks if the object is visible

Returns: a boolean

Method.png listDisplayModes( )

Description: Shows a list of all display modes

Returns: a list

Method.png setTransformation(coin.SoTransform)

Description: Sets a transformation on the Inventor node

Returns: nothing

Method.png show( )

Description: Shows the object if hidden

Returns: nothing

Method.png toString( )


Returns: a string representation of the Inventor node

Method.png update( )

Description: Updates the view representation of the object