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You have removed on some pages the underscore from the internal links, e.g. PartDesign_Workbench->PartDesign Workbench. Please don't do that, it makes it harder for newbies to translate.

??? Hi Chris. As you can see e.g. here:

I did NOT remove any underscore! The opposite is true! I ADDDED it! Hi Maker, so there are two things to say: I am sorry for the the noise and THANK YOU!

Hi Chris, No problem. You're always welcome.

Translation tags are added by the system...

Hi Maker,

I think that you have manually added a translation tag on the 3Dconnexion input devices page. There is no need to do that. This is handled automatically. The translation system also stores old translations. So there is actually no way to know the correct number for new tags.

--Roy 043 (talk) 21:12, 11 February 2021 (UTC)