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This is the main help area for newcomers to FreeCAD.

Like FreeCAD itself, these pages are in continuous development, and so there may be missing or outdated information.

But don't feel discouraged, if you cannot find the information you need, don't hesitate to ask. You can leave comments about FreeCAD, ask questions, and discuss about this wiki in the FreeCAD forum.

If you'd like to contribute to FreeCAD, see the Help FreeCAD page. If you'd like to edit this wiki, request a wiki account with editor permissions in the forum, and read the WikiPages for the general rules that you should follow.

If you would like to know how FreeCAD started years ago visit the History page.

Using FreeCAD


Basic Application


These are the base workbenches bundled with every installation of FreeCAD:

External Workbenches

Power users have extended FreeCAD with various custom external workbenches, that are not integrated into the FreeCAD source code, but are easy to install on an existing FreeCAD installation. See here for an overview of the already available workbenches. For instructions how to install these workbenches refer to the tutorial How to install additional workbenches.


Power users have written various macros to enhance FreeCAD with more capabilities. For a list of the macros refer to the macros recipes page. For instructions how to install the macros refer to the How to install macros tutorial.


Online Help

This is the official FreeCAD online help. Please note that the whole online help system is currently being reworked. It will be used to generate a .CHM file, that will be distributed with the binary packages of FreeCAD. At the moment the online help summarizes some of the most complete sections of this wiki.


  • The Power users hub is the place to go if you would like to see more advanced use of FreeCAD
  • The FreeCAD Community Portal lists projects made by community members around FreeCAD.
  • Don't understand a term or phrase as used in FreeCAD? Try the Glossary page.