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This area is the main help area for newcomers to FreeCAD.

Please note that these pages are in early stage of development. At the moment there is still not much documentation for the end user, since FreeCAD itself is still in early stage of development, and doesn't currently feature many interesting tools for the final user.

But FreeCAD is doing great, and this situation is expected to evolve soon. So, don't feel discouraged, browse the contents of this section, and, if you cannot find the information you need, don't hesitate to ask! Among the developers or in the small but growing FreeCAD users community, there will certainly be someone who can help you. You can leave comments relate dto this wiki documentation site on the User hub talk page, or head directly to the FreeCAD help forum and ask your questions there.

And if you have some information you would like to appear here, why not help us make this manual grow and insert your information here? Editing wiki pages is easy, This page will help you to get started.

Using FreeCAD


Basic Application


  • Mesh: Deals with triangulated meshes
  • Image: Manages Bitmap images
  • Points: Lets you work with with points clouds
  • Raytracing: Allows the use of external rendering software
  • Part: Deals with BREP objects
  • 2D Drafting: A basic 2D drawing workbench
  • Drawing: Helps you to put your 3D views on a 2D sheet


Online Help

This is the official FreeCAD online help. Please note that the whole online help system is currently in rework. It will be used to generate a .CHM file, that will be distributed with the binary packages of FreeCAD. At the moment the online help summarizes some of the most complete sections of this wiki.


  • The Power users hub is the place to go if you would like to see more advanced use of FreeCAD
  • David is a very low cost 3D scanning system that can already work well with FreeCAD
  • Architecture workflow : An example of how FreeCAD can begin to have its preliminary place in an architecture workflow...
  • If you would like to help FreeCAD, head to the Help FreeCAD page.
  • The free-cad:Community Portal lists projects made by community members around FreeCAD.
  • The Wished tools page lists CAD tools that end-users would like to see in FreeCAD. Why not add yours there?