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An Ubuntu Snap package, or just Snap is a distribution format similar to AppImage in that it is intended to be a "universal installable package" to deploy software in Linux systems. Snaps were introduced by Ubuntu but they are intended to run in all Linux distributions as long as the Snap daemon, or snapd, is available in the target system.

A Snap package has two main characteristics:

  • Programs are sandboxed so they do not interfere with the rest of your operating system.
  • Programs are updated automatically in the background in order to get the newest version of the application.

For other ways of installing the software, see Installing on Linux.


As of v0.19 the use of Snaps is experimental. The current Snaps are generated and hosted by volunteers.

In all systems where Snaps are to be installed, the Snap daemon must be installed first. The package is normally called snapd.


For Debian/Ubuntu and similar systems which use the APT manager the daemon is installed as follows:

sudo apt install snapd

To install the stable version of the Snap use:

sudo snap install freecad

To install the development version of the Snap use:

sudo snap install --edge freecad-ppd


To install the stable version of the Snap use:

snap install freecad

To install the development version of the Snap use:

snap install --edge freecad-ppd


  • Figuring out what development version is installed type the following in the CLI
snap info freecad-ppd


The following commands are geared for users that are familiar with git and have a locally cloned repository of upstream FreeCAD repo

git clone https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD
cd FreeCAD/
  • Find out the latest upstream revision number (also known as 'HEAD').
git rev-list --count HEAD
  • Translate the current snap development version in to a revision number. Make sure you're within your FreeCAD cloned repo (as mentioned above)
snap info freecad-ppd | grep -e '^installed:' | awk -F ' ' '{ print $2 }' | cut -d'~' -f2 | xargs -I{} git rev-list --count {}
  • The difference between the numbers will tell you have many revisions behind upstream the snap development (edge) is


More information about current efforts to deal with Snaps.

  • AppImage - another self-contained 'binary' like format to run FreeCAD
  • Flatpak