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Sketcher Geometries

These are tools for creating objects.

  • Sketcher CreatePoint.png Point: Draws a point
  • Sketcher Arc.png Arc: Draws an arc segment from center, radius, start angle and end angle
  • Sketcher Circle.png Circle: Draws a circle from center and radius
  • Sketcher Line.png 2-point Line: Draws a line segment from 2 points
  • Sketcher CreatePolyline.png Polyline (multiple-point line): Draws a line made of multiple line segments
  • Sketcher CreateRectangle.png Rectangle: Draws a rectangle from 2 opposite points
  • Sketcher CreateFillet.png Fillet: Makes a fillet between two lines joined at one point. Select both lines or click on the corner point, then activate the tool.
  • Sketcher Trimming.png Trimming: Trims a line, circle or arc with respect to the clicked point.
  • Sketcher External.png External Geometry: Creates an edge linked to external geometry.
  • Sketcher AlterConstruction.png Construction Mode: Toggles an element to/from construction mode. A construction object will not be used in a 3D geometry operation.

Sketcher Constraints

Constraints are used to set rules between sketch elements, and to lock the sketch along the vertical and horizontal axes.

  • Sketcher ConstrainLock.png Lock: Creates a lock constraint on the selected item by setting vertical and horizontal dimensions relative to the origin (dimensions can be edited afterwards).
  • Sketcher ConstrainCoincident.png Coincident: Creates a coincident (point-on-point) constraint between two selected points.
  • Sketcher ConstrainPointOnObject.png Point On Object: Creates a point-on-object constraint on selected items.
  • Sketcher ConstrainDistanceX.png Horizontal Distance: Fixes the horizontal distance between 2 points or line ends. If only one item is selected, the distance is set to the origin.
  • Sketcher ConstrainDistanceY.png Vertical Distance: Fixes the vertical distance between 2 points or line ends. If only one item is selected, the distance is set to the origin.
  • Constraint Vertical.png Vertical: Creates a vertical constraint to the selected lines or polylines elements. More than one object can be selected.
  • Constraint Horizontal.png Horizontal: Creates a horizontal constraint to the selected lines or polylines elements. More than one object can be selected.
  • Sketcher ConstrainDistance.png Length: Creates a length constraint on a selected line.
  • Sketcher ConstrainRadius.png Radius: Creates a radius constraint on a selected arc or circle.
  • Sketcher ConstrainParallel.png Parallel: Creates a parallel constraint between two selected lines.
  • Sketcher ConstrainPerpendicular.png Perpendicular: Creates a perpendicular constraint between two selected lines.
  • Constraint InternalAngle.png InternalAngle: Creates an internal angle constraint between two selected lines.
  • Constraint Tangent.png Tangent: Creates a tangent constraint between two selected entities, or a colinear constraint between two line segments.
  • Sketcher ConstrainEqual.png Equal Length: Creates an equality constraint between two selected entities. If used on circle or arcs, the radius will be set equal.
  • Sketcher ConstrainSymmetric.png Symmetric: Creates‎ a symmetric constraint between 2 points with respect to a line.


  • Sketcher NewSketch.png New Sketch: Creates‎ a new sketch on a selected face or plane. If none were selected, the default work plane XY will be used.
  • Sketcher ViewSketch.png View sketch: Sets the model view perpendicular to the sketch plane.
  • Sketcher MapSketch.png Map sketch: maps a sketch to the previously selected face of a solid.
  • Sketcher LeaveSketch.png Leave Sketch: Leave the Sketch editing mode.
  • Sketcher Reorient: Allows you to change the position of a sketch
  • Valida sketch: It allows you to check if there are in the tolerance of different points and to match them.