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The FreeCAD Path Workbench workflow creates these machine instructions as follows:

  • A 3D model is the base object, typically created using one or more of the Workbench PartDesign.svg Part Design, Workbench Part.svg Part or Workbench Draft.svg Draft Workbenches.
  • A Path Job is created in the Path Workbench. This contains all the information required to generate the necessary G-code to process the Job on a CNC mill: there is Stock material, the mill has a certain set of tools and it follows certain commands controlling speed and movements (usually G-code).
  • Path Tools are selected as required by the Job Operations.
  • Milling paths are created using e.g. Contour and Pocket Operations. These Path objects use internal FreeCAD G-code dialect, independent of the CNC machine.
  • Export the job with a G-code, matching to your machine. This step is called post processing; there are different post processors available.