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See a full explanation in Interface.

1. The main view area, which can contain different tabbed windows, principally the 3D view.
2. The 3D view, showing the geometrical objects in the document.
3. The tree view (part of the combo view), showing the hierarchy and construction history of objects in the document; it can also display the task panel for active commands.
4. The property editor (part of the combo view), which allows viewing and modifying properties of the selected objects.
5. The selection view, which indicates the objects or sub-elements of objects (vertices, edges, faces) that are selected.
6. The report view (or output window), where messages, warnings and errors are shown.
7. The Python console, where all the commands executed are printed, and where you can enter Python code.
8. The status bar, where some messages and tooltips appear.
9. The toolbar area, where the toolbars are docked.
10. The workbench selector, where you select the active workbench.
11. The standard menu, which holds basic operations of the program.