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=== Jednoduché pole ===
Pro obdélníkové pole:
Pro obdélníkové pole:

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Message definition (Draft Array)
* Creates an {{incode|Array}} object from the given {{incode|baseobject}}.
* In case of a rectangular array, {{incode|xvector}}, {{incode|yvector}}, and {{incode|zvector}} determine the distance between the base points of each copy, in the X, Y, and Z directions; and {{incode|xnum}}, {{incode|ynum}}, and {{incode|znum}} are the number of copies in the respective direction.
* In case of a polar array, {{incode|center}} defines the center of the array circle, {{incode|totalangle}} is the angle of the arc in degrees to cover with copies, and {{incode|totalnum}} is the number of copies to arrange around the circle, including the original object.
Translation=== Jednoduché pole ===
Pro obdélníkové pole:

Jednoduché pole

Pro obdélníkové pole: