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Reporting bugs

Recently the sourceforge platform made the mantis bug tracker application available to projects, and FreeCAD is now using it actively, instead of the old built-in bug tracker. The adress of our bug tracker is:

If you think you might have found a bug, you are welcome to report it there. But before reporting a bug, please check the following items:

  • Make sure your bug is really a bug, that is, something that should be working and that is not working. If you are not sure, dont hesitate to explain your problem on the forum and ask what to do.
  • Before submitting anything, read the frequently asked questions, do a search on the forum, and make sure the same bug hasn't been reported before, by doing a search on the bug tracker.
  • Describe as clearly as possible the problem, and how it can be reproduced. If we can not verify the bug, we might not be able to fix it.
  • Join the following information: Your operating system, if it is 32 or 64 bits, and the version of FreeCAD you are running.
  • Please file one separate report for each bug.
  • If you are on a linux system and your bug causes a crash in FreeCAD, you can try running a debug backtrace: From a terminal run gdb freecad (assuming package gdb is installed), then, inside gdb, type run . FreeCAD will then run. After the crash happens, type bt , to get the full backtrace. Include that backtrace in your bug report.

Requesting features

If you want something to appear in FreeCAD that is not implemented yet, it is not a bug but a feature request. You can also submit it on the same tracker (file it as feature request instead of bug), but keep in mind there are no guarantees that your wish will be fullfilled.

Submitting patches

In case you have programmed a bug fix, an extension or something else that can be of public use in FreeCAD, create a patch using the Subversion diff tool and submit it on the same tracker (file it as patch).

The "old" sourceforge tracker (obsolete)

Note: Please use the new mantis bug tracker to submit bugs, this one is now a bit deprecated...

Where to find?

The FreeCAD project has its own tracker summary page. There you find the overview on the individual sections of the tracker.

When to use?

The FreeCAD Bug Tracker


If you think you might have found a bug, go to the Bugs Section of the tracker and choose "any" for status to see all bug request ever filed. The keyword search allows you to find bug tracker entries for a similiar issue. If you can not find an older entry about your problem, you should file a new entry on the same page.

Feature Requests

If you are missing a feature in FreeCAD that you think of as beeing absolutely necessary to become the worlds best CAD-Software, you might find the Feature Request section helpfull.

Support Requests

If you don't get around compiling FreeCAD and the Compile On Windows or Compile On Unix section does not give you a hint, or you try to port it to a new environment or are programming new modules or extensions for FreeCAD and need some assistance then the Support Requests section is the place you might want to go to.

New Patches

In case you have programmed a bug fix, an extension or something else that can be of public use in FreeCAD, create a patch using Subversion and file it in the patches section.

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