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  • Part Box.png 盒体:通过设定尺寸绘制一个盒子
  • Part Cone.png 圆锥体:通过设定尺寸绘制一个圆锥体
  • Part Cylinder.png 圆柱体:设定尺寸绘制一个圆柱体
  • Part Sphere.png 球体:设定尺寸绘制一个球体
  • Part Torus.png 圆环体:设定尺寸绘制一个圆环体

Modifying objects

These are tools for modifying existing objects. They will allow you to choose which object to modify.

  • Part Booleans.png Booleans: Performs boolean operations on objects
  • Part Fuse.png Fuse: Fuses (unions) two objects
  • Part Common.png Common: Extracts the common (intersection) part of two objects
  • Part Cut.png Cut: Cuts (subtracts) one object from another
  • Part Extrude.png Extrude: Extrudes planar faces of an object
  • Part Fillet.png Fillet: Fillets (rounds) edges of an object
  • Part Revolve.png Revolve: Creates an object by revolving another object around an axis
  • Part Section.png Section: Creates a section by intersecting an object with a section plane
  • Part Chamfer.png Chamfer: Chamfers edges of an object
  • Part Mirror.png Mirror: Mirrors the selected object around a given axis