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Official icon not found {{{Name/tr}}}

Menü konumu
Varsayılan kısayol
Versiyonda tanıtıldı
Ayrıca bkz


This Template is the main anchor on documenting GuiCommands. It should be inserted as the first line in new documents.

The minimum code required for this template usage is: (sample result to right)

{{GuiCommand/tr|Name=SampleCommand|Name/tr=SampleCommand|MenuLocation=Sample → Command...|Workbenches=Wb1,Wb2}}

SampleCommand.png SampleCommand

Menü konumu
Sample → Command...
Varsayılan kısayol
Versiyonda tanıtıldı
Ayrıca bkz

Minimum Parameters

The following parameters are used in the format [parameter]=[value], with each parameter in the list separated by a pipe symbol (|):

The properly capitalized name of the command to be documented.
The name is also used to retrieve the Icon graphic in .PNG format from the WIKI repository.
The location of the command in the FreeCAD menu structure.
One or more workbenches in FreeCAD that the command and icon can be found on.

Optional Parameters

The following parameters are optional. If they are not included in the template code, they will default to a value of "None", or for the Version parameter, a dash sign.

The default Keyboard shortcut as found in FreeCAD.
Optional links to other related commands.
an icon with a different name as pagename.png can be used by defining the variable Icon (other format can be used eg: myIcon.svg)
if Empty=1 no icon is displayed
inserts the FreeCAD version number in which the command was first introduced. No need to add the revision number. Please consider adding this parameter for all new commands.


The code required for this template is different if you are using a localized version. For more information see the Localization page.

  • First, a localized version of this template must exist or be created.
  • The localized template must be named:
    where /AA is the 2 letter code for the desired language, for example /fr = French localization.
  • The method for calling the localized GuiCommand template in a GuiCommand document is:
    {{GuiCommand/AA|Name=SampleCommand|Name/AA=SampleCommand/AA|MenuLocation=Sample → Commande...|Workbenches=Wb1,Wb2}}
    where /AA is the 2 letter code for the desired language, for example /fr = French localization.
    • In the sample code above, the Name parameter format is critical. The Name=SampleCommand allows the correct icon file to be displayed, which is not normally localized. The Name/AA=SampleCommand/AA displays the correct localized version of the GUI command documentation.
  • Make sure you add the localized version of this template to the Languages list below.

GuiCommand Model

For a complete model of a GuiCommand, see GuiCommand model.