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Select Pan Zoom Rotate View Tilt View
Hand cursor.png Pan cursor.png Zoom cursor.png Rotate cursor.png Rotate cursor.png
to Select to Pan to Zoom in or out to Rotate view to Tilt view
Press the left mouse button over an object you want to select. Holding down Ctrl allows the selection of multiple objects. Hold right mouse button and drag to pan the view. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. The zoom is centered at the cursor location. Hold Left mouse button and drag to rotate the view.

In Sketcher and other edit modes, this behavior is disabled. Hold Alt when pressing the mouse button to enter rotation mode.

Rotation is always around camera's focus point. To set camera's focus point, click the new point with middle mouse button; the view will center on that point. Alternatively, aim the cursor at the new point and press H on keyboard.

Press both left and right mouse buttons, and drag left or right to tilt the view (adjust horizon).
Touch Tap.svg Touch Tap-Hold-Drag.svg


Touch Two-Finger-Drag.svg

Touch Pinch.svg Touch One-Finger-Drag.svg Touch Rotate.svg
Tap to select. Drag with two fingers to pan the view. Alternatively, tap and hold, then drag (simulates pan with right mouse button). Pinch to zoom (i.e., drag two fingers to each other/apart). Drag with one finger to rotate. Hold Alt additionally when in Sketcher and some other edit modes. Rotate to tilt the view (i.e., put two fingers on surface and rotate the imaginary line formed by two touch points). On v0.18, it's disabled by default*.

Notes on Gesture Navigation style:

*) On v0.18, tilt gesture on touchscreen is disabled by default. To enable, go to Edit->Preferences->Display, untick "Disable touchscreen tilt gesture" checkbox.