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TechDraw Dimension Vertical.svg TechDraw Dimension Vertical

Menu location
TechDraw → Dimension Vertical
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The Dimension Vertical tool adds a vertical dimension to a View. The dimension may be between two vertices, the length of one edge or the vertical distance between 2 edges. The distance will initially be the projected distance (ie as shown on the drawing), but this may be changed to the actual 3D distance using the Link Dimension LinkDimension.png tool.


How to use

  1. Select the points or edge which define your measurement.
  2. Press the 24px Dimension Vertical button
  3. A dimension will be added to the View. The dimension may be dragged to the desired position.




Template:TechDraw DimProps


Vertical dimensions can be added to Pages using Python.

dim1 = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject('TechDraw::DrawViewDimension','Dimension')
dim1.Type = "DistanceX"
dim1.References2D=[(view1, 'Edge1')]
rc = page.addView(dim1)


  • All Dimensions are extremely vulnerable to the infamous "topological naming" issue. It is not possible at this time to keep references to 2D (projected) or 3D (actual) geometrical objects in sync with changes in the model. It is recommended that Dimensions be added towards the end of the drawing creation process.
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