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The preferences screen of the TechDraw Workbench are found in the Preferences Editor, Edit → Preferences → TechDraw.


TechDraw Preferences1.png
  • Detect Faces: If checked, TechDraw will attempt to build faces using the line segments returned by the hidden line removal algorithm. Faces must be detected in order to use Hatching, but there can be a performance penalty in complex models.
  • Show Section Edges: Highlights the border of the section cut in TechDraw SectionView.svg Section Views.
  • Editable Text Marker Size: Size of editable text marker in templates (green dots).

Drawing Update

introduced in version 0.19

  • Update With 3D: Whether or not pages are updated every time the 3D model is changed. This is a global policy setting.
  • Allow Page Override: Whether or not a page's Keep Update property can override the global Update With 3D parameter. This is a global policy setting.
  • Keep Page Up To Date: Keeps the drawing pages in sync with the 3D model in real time. This can slow the response time.
  • Auto-distribute Secondary Views: Automatically distributes secondary views for TechDraw ProjectionGroup.svg Projection Groups.


Setup of the default colors for new pages. Additionally there is an option:


  • Label Font: The name of the default font for labels.
  • Label Size: Default size for label text.



TechDraw Preferences2.png


  • ??:??.


  • ??:??.

Size Adjustments

  • ??:??.


TechDraw Preferences3.png


  • Show Units: append the unit specifier (mm, in, etc.) to values.
  • Use Global Decimals: use the number of decimal positions from Preferences → General → Units.
  • Alternate Decimals: if Use Global Decimals is unticked, use this number of decimal positions.
  • Format Spec: formats dimension text. Uses printf format specifier.
  • Font Size: size for Dimension Text.
  • Color: default color for Dimension text and lines.
  • Diameter Symbol: diameter dimensions will be prefixed by this text.
  • Arrow Style: choose the dimension line end mark you prefer.
  • Arrow Size: size of end mark in mm.
  • Dimensioning Standard and Style: default value for ISO/ASME style Dimensions.


  • Line Group: the name of default line group specification.
  • Matting Style: show TechDraw New Detail.png detail views as circles or rectangles.
  • Center Line Style: default style for View center lines (horizontal and vertical).
  • Center Line Color: default color for View center lines.
  • Section Line Style: default style for section line in the Base View of TechDraw NewSection.png a Section View.
  • Section Line Color: default color for section lines.
  • Hatch Weight: default line thickness for TechDraw GeomHatch.svg geometric hatching. See TechDraw Hatch.svg hatching.
  • Vertex Color: default color for Vertices.
  • Vertex Scale: adjustment for Vertex size on drawings.


HLR Parameters

TechDraw Preferences5.png

Hidden Line Removal


TechDraw Preferences4.png

Hidden Settings

As of v0.19, all settings are available in the Preferences dialogs.

Some preference settings are only accessible through the Parameter editor, Tools → Edit parameters.


  • CenterMarkScale: default scale factor for CenterMarks
  • ShowCenterMarks: default True/False
  • PrintCenterMarks: True/False show CenterMarks when printing introduced in version 0.19


  • DefaultScale: initial setting of Page Scale introduced in version 0.19
  • EdgeFuzz: pick radius for Edges
  • MarkFuzz: pick radius for CenterMarks
  • SectionFuseFirst: fuse Source objects before performing Section cut
  • EdgeEndCap: shape of Edge ends 0x00 FlatCap, 0x10 SquareCap, 0x20 RoundCap (Qt::PenCapStyle) introduced in version 0.19


  • SectionFormat: section line style 0-ASME 1-ISO


  • RadiusAligned: Radius dimension format 0-ISO(aligned) 1-ASME(uniform)
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