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LineGroups are used to control the appearance of various types of lines. If you have write permission you can edit "../data/Mod/TechDraw/LineGroup/LineGroup.csv" to add your own LineGroups. You can specify your favourite defaults in Preferences.

;FreeCAD LineGroup Definitions
;Format: *GroupName,thin,graphic,thick,extra
;thin: hidden lines
;graphic: dimensions, centerlines
;thick: visible lines
;extra: not implemented

*FC 0.25mm,0.13,0.18,0.25,0.50
*FC 0.35mm,0.18,0.25,0.35,0.70
*FC 0.50mm,0.25,0.35,0.50,1.0
*FC 0.70mm,0.35,0.50,0.70,1.4
*FC 1.00mm,0.50,0.70,1.00,2.00

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