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TechDraw FaceCenterLine.svg TechDraw FaceCenterLine

Menu location
TechDraw → Add Lines → Add Centerline to Face(s)
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Add Cosmetic Vertex, Add Centerline between 2 Lines, Add Centerline between 2 Points, Remove Cosmetic Object


The FaceCenterLine tool adds a centerline to selected faces.

TechDraw FaceCenterLine Sample.png

Center line added to face


  1. Select one or more Faces in a View.
  2. Press the TechDraw FaceCenterLine.svg Add Centerline to Face(s) button
  3. A dialog will open where you can specify attributes of the new center line.
  4. A center line will be added at the midpoint of the bounding box of the selected Face(s).

Editing Center Lines

Any of the centerline command buttons( TechDraw FaceCenterLine.svg Add Centerline to Face(s), TechDraw 2LineCenterLine.svg Add Centerline between 2 Lines, TechDraw 2PointCenterLine.svg Add Centerline between 2 Points) can be used to edit any centerline.

  1. Select a center line.
  2. Press any center line command button.
  3. A dialog will open where you can change attributes of the center line.
  4. Press OK to see your changes.


Cosmetic center lines have no properties of their own, as they are not Document Objects. They do have attributes that can be changed in the center line edit dialog. Not all attributes apply to all center lines

  1. Mode (radio buttons):
    1. Vertical: force center line vertical
    2. Horizontal: force center line horizontal
    3. Aligned: follow the general direction of the Edge for 2 Edge center line
  2. Shift Horiz: move the center line left or right of its normal position
  3. Shift Vert: move the center line up or down from its normal position
  4. Rotate: rotate the center line around its center (degrees. + CCW, -CW)
  5. Extend: make the center line longer by this amount
  6. Color: color of center line
  7. Weight: thickness of the center line
  8. Style: NoLine, Continuous, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot


See also: TechDraw API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

Cosmetic center lines are not accessible from macros or the Python console at this time.


  • FaceCenterLine will eventually replace two View properties:
    • ViewHorizCenterLine: Show a horizontal centerline through view.
    • ViewVertCenterLine: Show a vertical centerline through view.