Rysunek Techniczny: Rozszerzenie Zablokuj / odblokuj widok

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TechDraw ExtensionLockUnlockView.svg TechDraw ExtensionLockUnlockView

Menu location
TechDraw → Extensions: Attributes/Modifications → Lock/Unlock View
Default shortcut
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The TechDraw ExtensionLockUnlockView.svg TechDraw ExtensionLockUnlockView tool locks or unlocks the position of a view by toggling its DANELock Position property. A locked view has a fixed position relative to the page or the group it belongs to.


  1. Select a single drawing view.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
  3. The DANELock Position property of the view is toggled. Locked views have a red padlock icon TechDraw Lock.svg in the lower left corner.