Rysunek Techniczny: Rozszerzenie Linia równoległa

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TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel.svg TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel

Menu location
TechDraw → Extensions: Centerlines/Threading → Add Cosmetic Parallel Line
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
TechDraw ExtensionLinePerpendicular


The TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel.svg TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel tool adds a cosmetic line parallel to another line through a vertex.

TechDraw ExtensionLineParallelExample.png

On the right an added cosmetic parallel line


  1. Optionally specify the line attributes with the TechDraw ExtensionSelectLineAttributes.svg TechDraw ExtensionSelectLineAttributes tool.
  2. Select a straight edge to determine the direction and the length of the line.
  3. Select a vertex to determine the position of the line.
  4. There are several ways to invoke the tool:
    • Press the TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel.svg TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel button.
    • Select the TechDraw → Extensions: Centerlines/Threading → TechDraw ExtensionLineParallel.svg Add Cosmetic Parallel Line option from the menu.
  5. A cosmetic line is added.