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TechDraw Balloon.svg TechDraw Balloon

Menu location
TechDraw → Balloon
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See also
TechDraw New annotation


The Balloon tool can add balloons with leader line in a drawing.

Techdraw balloon.png


  1. Select the View to which the Balloon will be attached.
  2. Press the TechDraw Balloon.svg Balloon button.
  3. The cursor is now displayed as a balloon icon. Click on the page to place the balloon origin to the desired position.
  4. The balloon bubble may be dragged to the desired position. Use CTRL-drag to move the bubble and the arrow.
  5. You can change balloon properties by double clicking balloon label or balloon object in the tree. This will open the Balloon task dialog.

Using separators

When using a rectangle shape, separators can be added using "|" in the text. For example "AAA|TEST|111" gives:

Balloon separator.png



  • DataText: Text to be displayed.
  • DataSource View: Source View for the balloon.
  • DataOrigin X: Balloon origin x-position
  • DataOrigin Y: Balloon origin y-position
  • DataEnd Type: End symbol for the balloon line. Options: Arrownone.svg None, Arrowfilled.svg Filled Arrow, Arrowopen.svg Open Arrow, Arrowtick.svg Tick, Arrowdot.svg Dot, Arrowopendot.svg Open Circle, Arrowfork.svg Fork, Arrowpyramid.svg Filled Triangle
  • DataShape: Shape of the balloon bubble. Options: Circular.svg Circular, None, Triangular.svg Triangle, Inspection.svg Inspection, Hexagon.svg Hexagon, Square-Shape.svg Square, Rectangular.svg Rectangle
  • DataShape Scale: Scale factor for the Shape.
  • DataText Wrap: Text wrap length; -1 means the text will never be wrapped and the result is in every case a single line.
  • DataKink Length: Distance from the Shape to the leader line kink.
  • DataX: Horizontal position of the balloon bubble relative to the View.
  • DataY: Vertical position of the balloon bubble relative to the View.


  • ViewColor: Color of the balloon text.
  • ViewFont: The name of the font to use for the balloon bubble.
  • ViewFontsize: Dimension text size in mm.
  • ViewLine Width: Balloon line width


See also: TechDraw API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Balloon tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following functions:

bal1 = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject('TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon','Balloon')
rc = page.addView(bal1)