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The casual browser to the site tend to visit here and get lost for hours clicking through the site; yet, they need "reminding" to come check what's new everyday. Therefore RSS feeds are perfect!

Feeds on file Releases

Use this feed to be informed about the latest file releases:

Feeds Available from this Wiki

Formats: RSS, Atom (0.3)

Recent changes

For feeds that show recent changes use the following urls:

New Pages

For Feed with information about newly created pages use this urls:

History of a page

The history of this page can be generated from the following urls:

Place the following character sequence in an existing article and press the preview button to find out the url for a certain page:


what expands to




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CIA is a tracking service for Subversion events. See the FreeCAD site on CIA. With this feed you can keep track of FreeCAD source code transactions on the repository:


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