Biblioteca Símbolos Ambiente de trabajo

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This repository contains a library of SVG symbols to be used in FreeCAD. Although they consist of simple SVG files, so they can also be imported inside the 3D document, they are primarily made for use on Drawing pages.

It is maintained by the community of users of FreeCAD and is not part of the FreeCAD project, although it is made with the aim to bemused as a repository of parts by FreeCAD in the future.



CompassRose.svg FirstAngleProjection.svg ThirdAngleProjection.svg SectionMark01.png SectionMark02.png SectionMark03.png SectionMark04.png


Automatic installation

This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager.

From GitHub

The library is a simple container for SVG files. You can download it anywhere and import its files in your FreeCAD projects. Inside the library, there is also a FreeCAD macro (SymbolsLibrary.FCMacro) that you can edit (you must change the path to your Library) and place in your FreeCAD macros folder. That macro creates a browser window inside FreeCAD, from which you can easily add the symbols to a selected Drawing page (or, if none is selected, the first one found in the active document) by double-clicking them.

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