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Std UnitsCalculator.svg Std_UnitsCalculator

Menu location
Tools → Units calculator...
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The units calculator dialog allows to calculate quantities to different units.

The units calculator dialog



The first field defines a value and a corresponding unit. If you enter an unknown unit, you get a syntax error. Units with exponents can be inserted in the form m^3. See the Expressions#Units page for a list of all known units.

In the second field you specify the resulting unit. If the unit type of the second filed does not match the unit type of the first field, you get a unit mismatch. For example if you try to calculate "12 g" to "nm", because a mass cannot be expressed as a length.

The third field shows the result.

Pressing return in field one or two will add the result of the calculation to the log area for later usage. The Copy button copies the result into the clipboard, so you can use it in another dialog of FreeCAD.

In the field Quantity you can set a value. Its unit will be the base unit of the selected Unit category. For example a value 75 and the unit category "Frequency" results in "75.00 Hz". The number of decimals for the Quantity can be set in the Decimals field. In the combo box Unit system you can select a unit system. The Preference system is the unit system set in the general preferences. For example "75.00 Pa" with the "Standard" system results to "0.011 psi" with the "Imperial decimal" system.

The dialog can stay open as long as you want and does not block the rest of FreeCAD