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Std UnitsCalculator.svg Std_UnitsCalculator

Menu location
Tools -> Unit calculator...
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Opens the unit calculator dialog, which allow to transform Quantities into different units.

The first field defines a a value and a corresponding unit (what kind of units get recognized you can see in the Quantity description). In the second field you specify the resulting unit. The third field present the result. Pressing return in field one or two will add the result of the calculation to the log area for later usage.

If one of the fields get red in the background means an error occourd. Either the parser gets and error in the unit expression or the source and target unit do not fit. Hovering over an red input field shows you the error string.

The Copy button copies the result into the Clipboard, so you can use it in any other dialog of FreeCAD.

The dialog is a non-modal dialog and can stay open as long as you want. It do not block the rest of FreeCAD.


Units Calculator it.png

The Dialog with the three fields and the log area.

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