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Std Save.svg Salva

Nome nel codice
Std Save
Posizione nel menu
File → Salva
Avvio veloce
Introdotto nella versione
Vedere anche
Salva con nome, Salva una copia, Salva tutto


The Std Save command saves the active document.


  1. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Std Save.svg Std Save button.
    • Select the File → Std Save.svg Save option from the menu.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S.
  2. For new documents: enter a filename in the dialog box and press the Save button.


  • For new documents: press Esc or the Cancel button to abort the command.


  • The last used file location is stored: Tools → Edit parameters... → BaseApp → Preferences → General → FileOpenSavePath.


See also: FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To save a document use the save method of the document object. A new document must first be saved with the saveAs method of the document object. For a scripting example see Std New.