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{{GuiCommand/it|Name=Std ProjectInfo|MenuLocation=[[Std File Menu|File]] → Project Info||Workbenches=All|Shortcut=|SeeAlso=}}
{{GuiCommand/it|Name=Std ProjectInfo|Name/it=Informazioni sul progetto|MenuLocation=[[Std File Menu|File]] → Informazioni sul progetto||Workbenches=All|Shortcut=|SeeAlso=}}

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Std ProjectInfo.svg Informazioni sul progetto

Nome nel codice
Std ProjectInfo
Posizione nel menu
File → Informazioni sul progetto
Avvio veloce
Introdotto nella versione
Vedere anche


Fornisce informazioni sul progetto.


Choose File → Project Information... from the top menu

Then following information can be entered in a window:

  • Name: (Initially the file name will be inserted here)
  • Path: (Initially the path to the saved file will be entered here)
  • UUID: a checksum created by FreeCAD will be entered here
  • Created by: initially blank, can be entered manually
  • Creation date: creation date and time of the file will be filled in here
  • Last modified by: initially blank, can be entered manually
  • Last modification date: will be filled in by FreeCAD
  • Company: initially blank, can be entered manually
  • License Information: choose License per pull-down-menu, Standard is "All rights reserved"
  • License URL: Standard is the link to the wikipedia-"All rights reserved"-page. Can be overwritten.
  • Comment: initially blank, can be entered manually