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Un App::Link o solo Link è un tipo di oggetto che fa riferimento a un altro oggetto, nello stesso documento o in un altro documento. È pensato per l'uso in assiemi meccanici in cui un oggetto può apparire più volte, ad esempio viti e bulloni, ma anche altri complessi sottoassiemi.

For simple duplication of objects, see Draft Clone, Draft Array, and Draft PathArray. The tools Draft LinkArray and Draft PathLinkArray create Links instead of simple copies.

Links are intended to be used with full bodies. To create arrays of features inside the same PartDesign Body, use PartDesign LinearPattern, PartDesign PolarPattern, and PartDesign MultiTransform.

How to use

  1. Select an object for which you wish to make a Link.
  2. Press the Std LinkMake.svg Std LinkMake button. If no object is selected, an empty Link will be created.



  • DataLinked Object:
  • DataLink Transform:
  • DataPlacement:
  • DataSub Elements:
  • DataShow Elements:
  • DataElement Count:
  • DataScale:

It will additionally show the properties of the original DataLinked Object.


  • ViewDraw Style:
  • ViewLine Width:
  • ViewOverride Material:
  • ViewPoint Size:
  • ViewSelectable:
  • ViewShape Material:

It will additionally show the view properties of the original DataLinked Object.