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The File menu is part of the Standard Menu in the FreeCAD Interface


  • Std New.svg New creates a new FreeCAD document.
  • Std Open.svg Open opens an existing FreeCAD document file.
  • Close closes the current document.
  • Std Save.svg Save write the current document to disk.
  • Std SaveAs.svg Save As writes the current document to disk under a new name.
  • Std Import.svg Import reads a file from another application into the current document.
  • Std Export.svg Export writes the current document to a file for use in another application.
  • Merge project adds the objects in a FreeCAD file to the current document.
  • Std Print.svg Print prints the contents of the current document window.
  • Std PrintPreview.svg Print Preview displays a print image of the current document window on screen.
  • Std PrintPdf.svg Export PDF writes the current document window to a PDF file.
  • Recent Files is a short cut for opening a recently used document file.
  • Std Quit.svg Exit shuts down FreeCAD.