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Std DlgParameter.svg Parameter editor

Menu location
Tools → Edit parameters...
Default shortcut
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The parameter editor allows you to access, create, and modify the parameter table that controls different behaviors of FreeCAD and its workbenches.

The most common options can be changed from the preferences editor, but certain tweaks are only accessible through the parameter editor.

How to use

Go to the menu Tools → Edit parameters; then browse the different categories to access the variables under each category.

See fine-tuning for some parameters that can be changed.

Parameter editor.png


It is possible to manipulate the Parameter Tree using the FreeCAD Python API:

.GetBool(variable,bool) # method to get boolean

.SetBool        # method to set boolean
.SetInt(variable, int) method to set integer
Example: to set the height of the Addon Manager 
pref = FreeCAD.ParamGet("User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/Addons")

App.ParamGet('User Parameters:BaseApp').GetGroup()