Std: Înregistrarea unei Macrocomenzi

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Std DlgMacroRecord.svg Std DlgMacroRecord

Menu location
Macro → Macro recording ...
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Execute macro


This function records a macro, all operations you made in 3D space.

It is accessible via Macro → Macro recording ..., or via Std DlgMacroRecord.png Macro recording button in the macro toolbar Macros toolbar.jpg.


Start the function with one of these methods before. The following window appears:

Macro recording
  • Macro name : Enter the name of the new macro.
  • Macro path : Path macro library. To change the path, click ... .
  • Record : Record the macro. Starts recording of everything that is done later.
    The button Std DlgMacroStop.png Stop the macro recording session in the macros toolbar Macros toolbar.jpg turn green Std DlgMacroStop 02.png.
  • Stop : Stop recording the macro.
  • Cancel : Cancels and closes the window.

Once completed click Std DlgMacroStop 02.png Stop the macro recording session to stop recording the macro.

The macro can be called through Macro → Macros..., or with the Std DlgMacroExecuteDirect.png Execute this macro button in the macro toolbar to be executed or modified as you want


Click the button Std DlgMacroRecord.png enter a name for the macro and validate, open a document, create a cube, change the color stop the macro with the button Std DlgMacroStop 02.png.

The macro is available in your macros directory.