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Std DlgCustomize.svg Std DlgCustomize

Menu location
Tools → Customize...
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Interface Customization


Customization of different things in FreeCAD.


Choose ToolsStd DlgCustomize.png Customize from the top menu.

Now you can choose to customize:

Commands: Gives you an overview of the commands assigned to the different menus
Keyboard: View and assign keyboard shortcuts to the FreeCAD-commands
Workbenches: Enable/disable installed workbenches
Toolbars: Modify existing or define new custom toolbars
Macros: Assign menu text, tool tip, status text, wht's this, accelerator and a pixmap (icon) to the installed macros
Spaceball Motion: let's you redefine the movement of your spaceball (if present)
Spaceball Buttons: let's you redefine the buttons of your spaceball (if present)