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Std Alignment.png Std Alignment

Menu location
Edit → Alignment...
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This function allows you to position and orientate two selected shapes, by aligning two or more selected points, on each of those two different shapes, with each other. It works in all workbenches.

The Alignment tool requires only one pair of reference points, however in most cases correct orientation and positioning will require 3 reference points.


This is the example project before objects have been aligned

Std Alignment1.png

To Align the objects start by Multi-selecting two objects only. The first object selected will be the fixed object. The second object selected will be moved by the Alignment tool.

After you have multi-selected two objects, start the Alignment tool from the Edit → Alignment ....

A double window will appear, showing a view of each of the selected objects. The window on the left will show the movable object and the window on the right will show the fixed object.

Select one or more pairs of points in the two views, that you want the Alignment tool to make coincide.

Std Alignment2.png

Right mouse click in either windows to access the context menu. From the context menu you can

  1. remove the last pair of points,
  2. run and then close the Alignment tool,
  3. cancel the Alignment operation and close the Alignment tool
  4. or syncronise views. If ticked, this will synchronise pan/rotate/zoom of the views in the double windows, with each other.

Std Alignment3.png

After running the Alignment tool several times, the project could be made to look like this:

Std Alignment4.png