Start up and Configuration

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The Config set

On every Startup FreeCAD examine its surrounding and the command line parameter and build up a configuration set which hold the essence of the runtime information. This information is later used to determine the place where to save user data or log files. Its also very important for post postmortem analyzes. There fore it get saved in the log file.

User related

User config entrys
Lib name Version needed Link to get it
Python >= 2.3.x
OpenCasCade >= 5.2
Qt >= 3.2.x
Coin3D >= 2.x
SoQT >= 1.2
Xerces-C++ >= 2.3.x
GTS >= 0.7.x
Zlib >= 1.x.x
Wild Magic >= 3.x
Boost >= 1.33.x