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 h Deutsch (de){{Docnav/de
|Manual:Navigating in the 3D view/de|Handbuch:Parametrierte Objecte
|[[Manual:Introduction|Handbuch Start]]
|IconC = Crystal Clear manual.png
 h English (en){{Docnav|Manual:Navigating in the 3D view|Manual:Parametric objects|[[Manual:Introduction|Manual start]]|IconC = Crystal Clear manual.png}}
 h français (fr){{Docnav/fr|[[Manual:Navigating in the 3D view/fr|Navigation dans la vue 3D]]|[[Manual:Parametric objects/fr|Objets paramétriques]]|[[Manual:Introduction/fr|Début du Manuel]]|IconC = Crystal Clear manual.png}}
 h italiano (it){{Docnav/it|[[Manual:Navigating in the 3D view/it|Navigare nella vista 3D]]|[[Manual:Parametric objects/it|Gli oggetti parametrici]]|[[Manual:Introduction/it|Pagina iniziale del manuale]]|IconC = Crystal Clear manual.png}}
 h русский (ru){{Docnav/ru
|[[Manual:Navigating in the 3D view/ru|Navigating in the 3D view]]
|[[Manual:Parametric objects/ru|Parametric objects]]
|[[Manual:Introduction/ru|Manual start]]
|IconC = Crystal Clear manual.png