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 h English (en)The [[external workbenches|external workbenches]] page has some information and tutorials on some of them, and the [ FreeCAD Addons] project aims at gathering them and making them easily installable from within FreeCAD.
 h français (fr)La page des [[External_workbenches/fr|ateliers externes]] contient des informations et des tutoriels sur certains d’entre eux et le projet [ FreeCAD Addons] vise à les rassembler et à les rendre facilement installables depuis FreeCAD.
 h italiano (it)La pagina [[external workbenches/it|Ambienti complementari]] contiene alcune informazioni e tutorial su alcuni di loro, e il progetto [ FreeCAD Addons] mira a raccoglierli e renderli facilmente installabili dall'interno di FreeCAD.