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31 May 2020

     01:26  Preferences Editor‎‎ 2 changes history +147 [Uwestoehr‎ (2×)]
01:26 (cur | prev) +17 Uwestoehr talk contribs add version info
01:26 (cur | prev) +130 Uwestoehr talk contribs describe new option

23 May 2020

  b  11:29  Macros diffhist +108 Mario52 talk contribs Marked this version for translation
     11:29 Page translation log Mario52 talk contribs marked Macros for translation ‎

22 May 2020

     20:38 Page translation log Mario52 talk contribs marked Compile on Docker for translation ‎

18 May 2020

     10:31  Workbenches diffhist +8 David69 talk contribs

16 May 2020

     08:26  Compile on Docker diffhist 0 Amrit3701 talk contribs

15 May 2020

     20:37  (Page translation log) [Renatorivo‎ (5×)]
20:37 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Tutorials for translation ‎
20:16 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Property for translation ‎
20:04 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Installing for translation ‎
11:43 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Dialog creation for translation ‎
11:30 Renatorivo talk contribs marked Addon for translation ‎
  b  20:37  Tutorials diffhist +26 Renatorivo talk contribs Marked this version for translation
  b  20:16  Property diffhist +36 Renatorivo talk contribs Marked this version for translation
  b  20:04  Installing diffhist +264 Renatorivo talk contribs Marked this version for translation
     19:09  Template:Docnav‎‎ 3 changes history +226 [Mario52‎ (3×)]
19:09 (cur | prev) -219 Mario52 talk contribs Undo revision 686733 by Mario52 (talk) copy paste in the not good page Sorry Tag: Undo
19:07 (cur | prev) +219 Mario52 talk contribs new documentation (Vertical Docnav)
17:08 (cur | prev) +226 Mario52 talk contribs modify the examples for adapt the Vertical mode more clear and modifiable
  b  11:43  Dialog creation diffhist +72 Renatorivo talk contribs Marked this version for translation
  b  11:30  Addon diffhist +24 Renatorivo talk contribs Marked this version for translation

14 May 2020

     23:22  Dialog creation‎‎ 2 changes history +89 [Vocx‎ (2×)]
23:22 (cur | prev) +6 Vocx talk contribs Interface creation with UI files
23:09 (cur | prev) +83 Vocx talk contribs →‎Introduction: Two general methods to create interfaces, by including the interface in the Python file, or by using .ui files.
     22:31  Installing diffhist -54 Vocx talk contribs Reorganize the optional packages in sections
     06:46 Page translation log Renatorivo talk contribs marked Power users hub for translation ‎
     06:46  Power users hub diffhist +17 Renatorivo talk contribs

13 May 2020

     09:31  (Page translation log) [Gnrc‎ (6×)]
09:31 Gnrc talk contribs marked External workbenches for translation ‎
09:22 Gnrc talk contribs marked Robot Workbench for translation ‎
09:02 Gnrc talk contribs marked Ship Workbench for translation ‎
09:00 Gnrc talk contribs marked Power users hub for translation ‎
08:57 Gnrc talk contribs marked User hub for translation ‎
08:36 Gnrc talk contribs marked Preferences Editor for translation ‎
     09:22  Robot Workbench‎‎ 2 changes history +384 [Vocx‎; Gnrc‎]
09:22 (cur | prev) +12 Gnrc talk contribs Marked this version for translation
04:40 (cur | prev) +372 Vocx talk contribs The Robot Workbench is unmaintained. If you have experience with the topic and are interested in maintaining it, please state your intention in the developer's section of the FreeCAD forum.
     06:19  Addon‎‎ 2 changes history +1,081 [Vocx‎ (2×)]
06:19 (cur | prev) +1,097 Vocx talk contribs In other words, macros, modules, and workbenches are essentially the same thing, pieces of Python code that extend the base installation. Macros are usually short and focused on a single task, modules usually provide new functions or interfaces, and workbenches are collections of tools (buttons, menus) and graphical interfaces to perform related tasks.
05:50 (cur | prev) -16 Vocx talk contribs {{Userdocnavi{{#translation:}}}} to categorize the page
     05:53  Template:Userdocnavi diffhist -968 Vocx talk contribs Re-organize the template to remove the information that is about power users; we will use {{Powerdocnavi}} for that
     05:52  External workbenches‎‎ 4 changes history +332 [Vocx‎ (4×)]
05:52 (cur | prev) +117 Vocx talk contribs For manual installation see Installing more workbenches. If there are specific instructions or prerequisites for using these workbenches, these should be noted in each workbench's hom
05:45 (cur | prev) +36 Vocx talk contribs for example, they are obsolete, or unmaintained, or superseded by a newer workbench, or maybe they don't work with Python 3 or with Qt5, so they should be avoided.
05:43 (cur | prev) +114 Vocx talk contribs GeoData and Geomatics are essentially deprecated; the second one is integrated into the Trails workbench.
05:41 (cur | prev) +65 Vocx talk contribs The workbenches marked with X are not recommended in recent versions of the software for different reasons,
     05:36  Macros diffhist +359 Vocx talk contribs Arrange several links
 m   04:27  Ship Workbench diffhist -8 Vocx talk contribs The Ship Workbench is unmaintained since v0.17.
     03:33  Dialog creation‎‎ 4 changes history -3,911 [Vocx‎ (4×)]
03:33 (cur | prev) +16 Vocx talk contribs Dialog creation with various widgets with QPushButton, QLineEdit, QCheckBox, QRadioButton, and others.
03:31 (cur | prev) -125 Vocx talk contribs More examples, and links to other pages
00:40 (cur | prev) +366 Vocx talk contribs Introduction section. In this example, the entire interface is defined in Python. Although this is possible for small interfaces, for larger interfaces the recommendation is to load the created .ui files directly into the program. See Dialog creation with UI files for more information.
00:10 (cur | prev) -4,168 Vocx talk contribs See PySide usage snippets.
     01:13  Power users hub‎‎ 3 changes history -725 [Vocx‎ (3×)]
01:13 (cur | prev) -139 Vocx talk contribs Remove plugin loader as it is obsolete, also the link to the FreeCAD addons repository is not needed because this appears in all pages that mention macros or external workbenches
01:09 (cur | prev) -517 Vocx talk contribs Re-organize the introduction.
00:37 (cur | prev) -69 Vocx talk contribs Removed the Drawing Module as it doesn't belong in this hub, and because it is obsolete.
     01:11  User hub diffhist -87 Vocx talk contribs Move the __NOTOC__ magic word to the top. Remove the image, not needed as we already have another one.