Sketcher: Reorientare schiță

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Sketcher Reorient

Menu location
Part design → Reorient sketch
Sketcher, PartDesign
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Map sketch, New Sketch


Allows you to detach a sketch from a face and attach it to one of the main planes (with an offset).


  1. Select the sketch to be re-oriented in the tree-view
  2. Choose Sketch Reorient sketch from the top menu
  3. A menu will pop up and ask you if you want to detach the sketch from its face
  4. Selecting Yes will give you the same menu as in Sketch New Sketch
  5. You can attach the sketch to one of the main planes
  6. You also have the possibility to add a positive or negative offset


  • When selecting Cancel in the second menu the sketch is simply detached from its face.
  • As long as no sketch is selected, the command is greyed out.