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{{GuiCommand|Name=Sketcher NewSketch|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench|Sketcher]], [[PartDesign Workbench|PartDesign]]|MenuLocation=Sketch → Create sketch|SeeAlso=[[Sketcher_MapSketch|Sketcher MapSketch]], [[Sketcher_Reorient|Sketcher Reorient]]}}
{{GuiCommand/es|Name=Sketcher NewSketch|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench/es|Croquizador]], [[PartDesign Workbench/es|Diseño de Piezas]]|MenuLocation=Croquizador→ Crear croquis|SeeAlso=[[Sketcher_MapSketch/es|Sketcher MapSketch]], [[Sketcher_Reorient/es|Sketcher Reorient]]}}

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Sketcher NewSketch.svg Sketcher NewSketch

Ubicación en el Menú
Croquizador→ Crear croquis
Entornos de trabajo
Croquizador, Diseño de Piezas
Atajo de teclado por defecto
Introducido en versión
Ver también
Sketcher MapSketch, Sketcher Reorient


This will create a new sketch.


Clicking on the icon without a face (pre-)selected will pop up a dialog asking if the sketch should be drawn on the

  • XY-Plane
  • XZ-Plane
  • YZ-Plane

You can change an offset to any of the three planes and the side of the offset.

Clicking on the icon with a (pre-selected) face will cause the sketch to be mapped to the selected face.


The sketch can be re-mapped to another already existing face using the Map Sketch - Command

The sketch can be moved in the 3D-Space using Placement.

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