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|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench|Sketcher]], [[PartDesign Workbench|PartDesign]]
|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench|Sketcher]], [[PartDesign Workbench|PartDesign]]
|MenuLocation=Sketch → Edit sketch
|MenuLocation=Sketch → Edit sketch
|SeeAlso=[[Sketcher LeaveSketch]]

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Sketcher EditSketch.svg Sketcher EditSketch

Menu location
Sketch → Edit sketch
Sketcher, PartDesign
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Sketcher LeaveSketch


This command will let you edit an existing sketch. It will open the Sketcher Dialog.


There are several ways to invoke the Edit Sketch command:

  • Right-click on a sketch in the tree view and choose Edit Sketch
  • Select sketch in the tree view and choose Sketch → Edit Sketch from the pull-down-menu.
  • Simply double-clicking on the sketch
  • Clicking on the Sketcher EditSketch.svg button in the Sketcher toolbar.