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# Right-click or press {{KEY|Esc}} once to exit the tool.
# Right-click or press {{KEY|Esc}} once to exit the tool.

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Constraint Vertical.svg Vertical constraint

Localização do menu
Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Constrain vertically
Atalho padrão
Veja também
Constraint Horizontal


Creates a vertical constraint to the selected lines or polyline elements. Starting with v0.17, it can also contrain vertices vertically. More than one object can be selected.

Como usar

  1. Select the lines or vertices to be constrained vertically
  2. Press the Constraint Vertical.svg vertical constraint icon.
  3. Alternatively, the tool can be started without prior selection, and it will expect a selection; but only lines will be selectable.
  4. Right-click or press Esc once to exit the tool.