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(Languages spanish)
(Languages spanish)
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{{GuiCommand/es|Name=Constraint PointOnObject|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench/es|Croquizador]], [[PartDesign Module/es|Diseño de Piezas]]|MenuLocation=Croquizador → Punto en objeto|SeeAlso=[[Constraint coincedent/es|Coincidente]]}}
{{GuiCommand/es|Name=Constraint PointOnObject|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench/es|Croquizador]], [[PartDesign Workbench/es|Diseño de Piezas]]|MenuLocation=Croquizador → Restricciones del Croquizador → Punto en objeto|SeeAlso=[[Constraint coincedent/es|Coincidente]]}}
<WRONG> This tool draws an arc by picking three points: the center, the start angle along the radius, and the end angle.
When starting the tool, the mouse pointer changes to a white cross with a red arc icon. The coordinates of the pointer are shown beside it in blue in real time.
[[Image:Sketcher_ArcExample1.png|The center has been selected, dragging to set the radius‎]] [[Image:Sketcher_ArcExample2.png|407x360px|The center and start angle have been selected, dragging to set end angle‎]] </WRONG>
<WRONG> * Pick points on an empty area of the 3D view, or on an existing object (auto constraints must be active in TaskView).
* Pressing {{KEY|ESC}} or clicking the right mouse button cancels the function. </WRONG>
{{languages/es |  {{en|Constraint_PointOnObject}} }}
{{languages/es |  {{en|Constraint_PointOnObject}} }}

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Constraint PointOnObject.svg {{{Name/es}}}

Ubicación en el Menú
Croquizador → Restricciones del Croquizador → Punto en objeto
Entornos de trabajo
Croquizador, Diseño de Piezas
Atajo de teclado por defecto
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