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{{GuiCommand|Name=Constraint EqualLength|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench|Sketcher]], [[PartDesign Workbench|PartDesign]]|MenuLocation=Sketch Sketcher constraints Constrain equal|SeeAlso=[[Constraint Radius]]}}
{{GuiCommand/it|Name=Constraint EqualLength|Name/it=Uguale|Workbenches=[[Sketcher Workbench/it|Schizzo]], [[PartDesign Workbench/it|PartDesign]]|MenuLocation=PartDesign Schizzo Uguale|SeeAlso=[[Constraint Radius/it|Raggio]]}}

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Constraint EqualLength.svg Uguale

Nome nel codice
Constraint EqualLength
Posizione nel menu
PartDesign → Schizzo → Uguale
Schizzo, PartDesign
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The Constrain Equal constraint forces two or more line segments in a line , poly-line or rectangle to have equal length. If applied to arcs or circles the radii are constrained to be equal. It cannot be applied to geometry primitives which are not of the same type (e.g. line segments and arcs).


The example sketch below contains a number of sketch primitives ( line,poly-line, rectangle, arc and circle).


Select two or more line segments (e.g. line and one side of the rectangle).


Click on the Constrain Equal icon Sketcher ConstrainEqual.png in the Sketcher toolbar (in either the Sketcher or Part Design workbenches) or select the Constrain Equal menu item from the Sketcher constraints sub menu item in either the Sketch or Part Design menu item depending upon which workbench is selected (Sketcher or Part Design) to apply the constraint to the selected items.


Now select the arc and the circle in the sketch.


and apply the Constrain Equal Sketcher ConstrainEqual.png constraint as before.


Now select the line segment, all segments of the poly-line and one of the remaining unconstrained sides of the rectangle


and apply the Constrain Equal Sketcher ConstrainEqual.png constraint as before.


Select the line segment and the arc


and apply the Constrain Equal Sketcher ConstrainEqual.png constraint as before. A pop-up message indicates that the constrained items have to be of the same geometrical type (lines of zero curvature or lines of non-zero curvature).


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