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This tool is obsolete, it will not be available in future releases (version 1.0 and above).

Sketcher CloseShape.svg Sketcher CloseShape

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher tools → Close shape
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
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This tool can be used to make a selected contour in sketcher closed by making an endpoint of a sketcher element coincident with the endpoint of the sketcher element selected next.


  1. While editing a sketch, multi-select your unconnected sketcher elements in the tree view or in the 3D view
  2. Invoke the command several ways:
    • Press the Sketcher CloseShape.svg Close shape button.
    • Use the Z then W keyboard shortcut.
    • Use the Sketch → Sketcher tools → Sketcher CloseShape.svg Close shape entry from the top menu


The tool will connect the elements in the order of their selection, so make sure to click and select in the correct order.