Sketcher Copia de Carbón

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Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Sketcher Copia de Carbón

Ubicación en el Menú
Sketch → Geometrías de croquis → Copia de Carbón
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The CarbonCopy tool copies all the geometry and constraints from another sketch into the active sketch. Dimensional constraints which exist before the copy function remain linked to the original sketch's dimensional constraints through expressions.

How to use

  1. Press the Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg CarbonCopy button.
  2. Click on an edge from the other sketch.
  3. Geometry elements as well as constraints are copied into the sketch.
  4. If the sketch to be copied is not on a parallel plane to the active sketch, the mouse pointer will turn into an interdict sign. Press the key CTRL ALT to allow selection of a non-parallel sketch. The object will then be adjustet to the new sketches plane. ( noteː as of writing this needs a save and reload of the document to make it visible)
  5. If the sketch to be copied is not in the active Body, the mouse pointer will turn into an interdict sign. Press CTRL to allow selection of a sketch from the other body. If the foreign Sketch is also on a different plane, use ː CTRL ALT to copy from a different plane.
  6. Press ESC or press the right mouse button to terminate the function.


  • All the content of the sketch is copied; it is not possible to select only a portion of it.