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SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold

Menu location
SheetMetal → Unattended Unfold
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SheetMetal Unfold


The SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg Unattended Unfold command unfolds a sheet metal object.

If the parent body of a selected planar face has been subject to unfolding before, this tool will skip the menu in the task panel. Otherwise it will show an error message asking for either "set a Manual K-factor" or "use a Material Definition Sheet".

With the first use of the SheetMetal Unfold.svg Unfold command the parent body's label received a suffix (such as _material_0.5din) and after that it is ready to be use with this tool.


  1. Select one planar face of a sheet metal part.
  2. Activate the SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg UnattendedUnfold command using one of the following:


See also: Property editor.

A SheetMetal Unfold object is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It has no additional properties, but its label has a default value:



  • DANELabel (String): Default value: Unfold (+ a sequential number for second and following items).
    The user editable name of this object, it may be any arbitrary UTF8 string.


See SheetMetal Unfold.svg Unfold for limitations.