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SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold

Menu location
SheetMetal → Unattended Unfold
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SheetMetal Unfold


The SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg Unattended Unfold command unfolds a sheet metal object.

If the parent body of a selected planar face has been subject to unfolding before, this tool will skip the menu in the task panel. Otherwise it will show an error message asking for either "set a Manual K-factor" or "use a Material Definition Sheet".

With the first use of the SheetMetal Unfold.svg Unfold command the parent body's label received a suffix (such as _material_0.5din) and after that it is ready to be use with this tool.


  1. Select a flat face of a sheet metal part. Note: the face should be planar and with constant thickness
  2. Activate the SheetMetal UnattendedUnfold.svg Unattended Unfold command using the:


See also: Property editor.

This tool creates an Unfold object and has no representation of its own in the Tree view or elsewhere and so has no properties.

The Unfold object, on the other hand, is derived from a Part Feature object and inherits all its properties. It has no additional properties, but its label has a default value:



  • DANELabel (String): Default value: Unfold (+ a sequential number for second and following items).
    The user editable name of this object, it may be any arbitrary UTF8 string.


See SheetMetal Unfold.svg Unfold for limitations.