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FreeCAD GUI for Data Manipulation


The GUI for numeric data entry in FreeCAD is a versatile entity. It is plagued by inconsistencies which frustrate new (and old) users. This is a list of some of those bugs.


  • level of expansion for Data tab in Combo View is inconsistent: if user has Position drop-down expanded then it should not close when he switches to a different object
  • new object should switch selection to new object (view zooms to display new object, but browser doesn't Select it)
  • erratic Selection after drag/drop - having to click twice to reset Selection
  • is math ability in X,Y,Z documented?
  • is there a way to reset "800-170" in X,Y,Z to "630"?
  • deleting a Compound object places the component objects at the end of the list
  • inability to drag/drop objects in Combo View Model tab to place in order
  • right-click on Combo View Model tab to sort objects alphabetically
  • business with negative sign, comma in data entry
  • roll over from -9,999 mm to -1.1 m (looses place)
  • erratic Undo
  • Return doesn't always put X,Y,Z into Edit mode
  • does Combo View scroll when you need to drag something from the bottom to the top and the top is off the top of the display?
  • drag/drop must be onto folder, will not accept a member of that folder