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FreeCAD GUI for Data Manipulation


The GUI for numeric data entry in FreeCAD is a versatile entity. Unfortunately it contains various inconsistencies which frustrate new (and old) users. This is a list of some of those bugs. ScreenSnapshot1.jpg


  1. Level of expansion for Data tab in Combo View is inconsistent
    • if user has Position drop-down expanded then it should not close when he switches to a different object
  2. New object should switch selection to new object (view zooms to display new object, but browser doesn't Select it)
  3. Erratic Selection
    • Selection is not always predictable, sometimes there are multiple selections, this leaves the user unsure of which object an action will act upon
  4. Erratic Selection after drag/drop
    • having to click twice to reset Selection
  5. is math ability in X,Y,Z documented?
    • 400 + -17 may be entered into the X, Y,Z coordinates, is this documented?
  6. is there a way to reset "800-170" in X,Y,Z to "630"?
    • after using 400 + -17 to relocate an object, is there a method for the user to reset the field value to 383?
  7. deleting a Compound object places the component objects at the end of the list
  8. inability to drag/drop objects in Combo View Model tab to place in order
  9. right-click on Combo View Model tab to sort objects alphabetically
  10. business with negative sign, comma in data entry
  11. roll over from -9,999 mm to -1.1 m (looses place)
  12. erratic Undo
  13. Return doesn't always put X,Y,Z into Edit mode
  14. does Combo View scroll when you need to drag something from the bottom to the top and the top is off the top of the display?
  15. drag/drop must be onto folder, will not accept a member of that folder