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This collection of 8 fictitious tutorials is for the purpose of discussing how to improve the existing Tutorial page. Furthermore it is also useful to describe whether variations of the Tutorial page should be created to let the user better locate tutorial assistance.

The example data for the discussion is:

  • Sketcher,Part-B-Building a Dog House
  • Part Design-I-Hinged Pizza Box
  • Part,Part Design,Sketcher-B-Swimming Pool
  • Sketcher-A-Swimming Pool Pump
  • Part-I-Diving Board
  • Part Design-A-Building a Garden Bridge
  • Part Design, Sketcher-I-Spare Wheel Rack
  • Sketcher-B-Flower Pot Holder

These are a selection of proposed tutorial levels:

  • B = Beginner
  • I - Intermediate
  • A = Advanced

There are 3 workbenches used:

  • Part
  • Part Design
  • Sketcher

Tutorials involving multiple workbenches are listed multiply, under those workbenches.


The purpose of these proposals is to improve the access to tutorials for users of the FreeCAD Wiki. This is attempted by the following:

  • trying to give each tutorial a meaningful name (not 3 tutorials called "Sketcher tutorial")
  • trying to assign a level of difficulty for the tutorials (presently B=Beginner, I=Intermediate, A=Advanced)
  • trying to offer the tutorials in the 3 following presentations:
    • alphabetically by Wiki Page Name (which is the present Tutorial page)
    • sorted by Workbench (tutorials involving multiple workbenches will appear under each workbench)
    • sorted by difficulty level (B, I, A)
    • sorted by description of the modeling activity in the tutorial

The existing Tutorial page will continue to function as is. The additional pages can be done incrementally.

The goal of this is to firstly standardise the tutorial offering, and secondly provide multiple access paths for users to locate what they need.


Tutorial Page (as displayed by existing page):


  • Part-I-Diving Board
  • Part,Part Design,Sketcher-B-Swimming Pool
  • Part Design-A-Building a Garden Bridge
  • Part Design-I-Hinged Pizza Box
  • Part Design, Sketcher-I-Spare Wheel Rack


  • Sketcher-A-Swimming Pool Pump
  • Sketcher-B-Flower Pot Holder
  • Sketcher,Part-B-Building a Dog House

Tutorial Page by Level (alternate Tutorial page):


  • Part,Part Design,Sketcher - Swimming Pool
  • Sketcher - Flower Pot Holder
  • Sketcher,Part - Building a Dog House


  • Part - Diving Board
  • Part Design - Hinged Pizza Box
  • Part Design, Sketcher - Spare Wheel Rack


  • Part Design - Building a Garden Bridge
  • Sketcher - Swimming Pool Pump

Tutorial Page by Description (alternate Tutorial page):


  • Building a Dog House - B - Sketcher,Part
  • Building a Garden Bridge - A - Part Design


  • Diving Board - I - Part


  • Flower Pot Holder - B - Sketcher


  • Hinged Pizza Box - I - Part Design


  • Spare Wheel Rack - I - Part Design, Sketcher
  • Swimming Pool - B - Part,Part Design,Sketcher
  • Swimming Pool Pump - A - Sketcher

Tutorial Page by Workbench (alternate Tutorial page):


  • Swimming Pool - B - Part Design,Sketcher
  • Building a Dog House - B - Sketcher
  • Diving Board - I - Part

Part Design

  • Hinged Pizza Box - I
  • Spare Wheel Rack - I - Sketcher
  • Swimming Pool - B - Part,Sketcher
  • Building a Garden Bridge - A


  • Flower Pot Holder - B
  • Spare Wheel Rack - I - Part Design
  • Swimming Pool - B - Part,Part Design
  • Swimming Pool Pump - A
  • Building a Dog House - B - Part