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FreeCAD Wiki HowTo Page


This is an experimental page for discussion. Please change and add as seen fit.

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General Design Use Cases

  • HowTo center a hole to a face

Use External geometry to map the edges.

  • Add a circle roughtly inthe middle
  • First select 2 diagonal corner points
  • Last selected point is the symmetry point. Here its our cirle.
  • Select the symmetry constraint.

Note that the 3 point symmetry enforces that all poinst must lie on a straight line. If that can not be achived the constraint will fail. top

  • HowTo make holes through multiple bodies

Normally the Hole function only works within a single body, no matter what values are given for Dimension.

To make hole though muliple bodies you need to assing the hole function to each body seperately. The most important point is to make sure the holes stay aligned and are linked to each other. That means when the master part is moved all other holes move as well.

This can be done by making references of the sketches used for the holes in the master part. Just use the function "ShapeBinder" from the PartDesign Workbench. There is an example on the Reference page.



General GUI Use Cases

  • How to slice the 3D view

Please add if you know. I did not yetfind out ;)


top - How to slice the 3D view? -> did not find out yet... ;)


Workbench Use Cases

TechDraw Use Cases

  • HowTo Dimension the distance between two hole edges

The idea is to see directly how much material is left between two holes (obviously it can be calculated when the center distance and the radii are given, but that is not the point).

In FC 0.18 this does not work. The View are projected from the acutal 3D view, but only the corners and center points of the 3D geomtry is selectable for the dimensioning tools in 2D. If thats wrong or has changed please correct.